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mana... nd all his prettyness

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Mana! [Sep. 1st, 2005|12:17 pm]
mana... nd all his prettyness

I was searching all over the other day for a good Mana Lj community and came up with very little.
This made me quite sad, because Mana is my inspiration in life and there should be more Mana communities, of course. ^_^
SO, a thought occured to me and I have created a Mana lj community.

The Roses Of Mana

This community is of Mana and the wonders surrounding him.
If you know of, admire, adore, or even love Mana, then your place is here.

(all subject matter is geared towards Mana and the things involving him. ie) About Mana himself, bands he has been involved with, fashion relating to Mana)

Join. You know you want to.
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Hello, everyone! [Aug. 29th, 2005|09:28 am]
mana... nd all his prettyness
[mood |artistic]

Hello, So, I am new, as it seems this community is also. :D
Mana is absolutely astonishing, wonderful, and beautiful.... also my inspiration, from a musical standpoint as well as fasion. ^_~
I'll have to post some scans or something for you all from my meager Gothic and Lolita Bible collection (*or at least the beginings of a collection, teehee*), though you probably have seen the pics before. ^_^

I do the obligatory icon, banner, wallpaper making, so let me know if you want anything. I'll do my best to assist. ^_^
I'll probably post icons to share with you all every now and then anyway. hehe.

Anyway, it's nice to meet you all, I'm Elizabeth.
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